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Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant - Environmental and Water Testing Laboratory

Creative Analytical Laboratory & Consultant was established in 2014 and provides environmental testing services. Environmental testing plays a vital role in assessing the quality and safety of our environment, which is essential for various industries and regulatory compliance.

Creative Analytical which provides environmental testing services. Environmental testing involves the analysis and evaluation of various environmental factors, substances or conditions to ensure compliance with regulations, identify potential hazards, or gather data for research purposes. Our laboratory approaches environmental testing with innovative or creative solutions. Can do.
Our environmental testing services cover a wide range of activities, including:-

  • Air Quality Testing:- Measuring air pollutants, particulate matter, and gases to assess indoor or outdoor air quality.
  • Chemical Analysis:- Identifying and quantifying chemicals and compounds present in environmental samples.
  • Compliance Testing:- Ensuring that businesses and organizations adhere to environmental regulations and standards.
  • DG Stack Testing :- DG stack testing, also known as Diesel Generator Stack Testing or Stack Emissions Testing, is a process of assessing and analyzing the emissions from the exhaust stack of a diesel generator (DG) to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards. This testing is essential to determine the levels of pollutants and particulate matter being discharged into the atmosphere by the diesel generator's internal combustion engine.
  • Face Mask Testing :-Face mask testing involves a series of assessments and evaluations to ensure that masks meet safety, performance and quality standards. The specific types of testing performed on face masks may vary depending on the intended use of the mask, such as surgical masks, N95 respirators, cloth masks, or other types of face coverings.
  • Indoor Air Testing :- Indoor air testing is a process used to assess the air quality inside any building or enclosed space. This is important because indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the people living in that space.
  • Lux Level Testing :- Lux level testing, also known as light level testing or illuminance measurement, is a process used to determine the amount of light (illumination) in a particular area or at a specific point. Lux is the standard unit of measurement of illuminance, and it represents the amount of luminous flux (light) per unit area (square meter or square foot).
  • Soil Testing :-Soil testing is a crucial process used to assess the composition and quality of soil in a specific area. It provides valuable information for various purposes, including agriculture, construction, environmental management, and land development.
  • Water Testing :- Water testing is the process of analyzing water samples to assess their quality and determine if they meet specific standards or guidelines for various purposes, such as drinking, recreational use, industrial processes, or environmental monitoring. Testing water is essential to ensure its safety and suitability for different applications.


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